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Luxury Gaming Tables

Welcome to Blackdog Games, a family run company producing high quality luxury gaming tables for the Licensed Casino, Fun Casino and Home Gaming markets.
A complete range of standard equipment is available, i.e.Blackjack tables, Poker tables, Roulette tables and Roulette wheels. We also design and manufacture custom gaming tables and equipment to any specific requirement. Several of products being seen on TV, Film and at promotional events. Usually the equipment has been unique and specific to the client, whether they were Poker Tables, Roulette Tables, Roulette Wheels, Money wheels or Casino Props. They were all produced in a variety of colours and finishes with added specialist equipment such electronics, LED lighting and miniature cameras. All gaming tables and equipment are handmade to order.

Roulette Coffee Table

Roulette Coffee Table

Brand new to our high quality casino gaming equipment range. A small round coffee table with built in roulette wheel. Hours of fun with familly, friends or serious players.

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3in1 Casino Table

3in1 Casino Table

We at BlackDog Games design and build bespoke gaming furniture for the home and businesses alike. This new item we hope will spark some ideas for you and your clients. It combines three classic games, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker into one high end table which serves the best of all worlds having the roulette table hidden from view underneath the insert. A very desirable casino table anyone's home or club.

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Bespoke Gaming Tables

Create your own luxury customised gaming table. Handmade to order in your choice of materials, colours and custom cloth printing.

Luxury Products

Our standard luxury gaming tables are designed and built in the UK and are made of high quality materials. We've been handmaking luxury gaming tables for over 25 years.

6 Sided Card Table

Card Tables

From £198

Card Tables

Custom Poker Table

Custom Poker Tables

From £888

Poker Tables

Custom Blackjack Table

Custom Blackjack Tables

From £888

Blackjack Tables

Custom Roulette Table

Custom Roulette Tables

From £1758

Roulette Tables

Deluxe Craps Table

Craps Tables

From £1674

Craps Tables

Custom Money Wheel

Custom Money Wheels

From £1260

Money Wheels

Custom Roulette Wheel

Custom Roulette Wheels

From £1512

Roulette Wheels

Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories

From £4

Gaming Accessories

Gaming Products

  1. Casino Accessories
  2. Blackjack Tables
  3. Card Tables
  4. Craps Tables
  5. Poker Tables
  6. Roulette Tables
  7. Roulette Wheels
  8. Texas Hold'em Tables
  9. Poker Tournament Tables
  10. Chuck-a-Luck Tables & Cages
  11. Personalised Poker Chips
  12. Light Weight Roulette Wheels
  13. Money Wheels & Prize Wheels
  14. Big Six Money Wheel of Fortune
  15. Fun Casino Equipment

Gaming Table Services

  1. Complete Casino Equipment Design & Manufacture
  2. Custom Poker Tables
  3. Custom Printed Money Wheels and Prize Wheels
  4. Custom Made Big Six Money Wheel of Fortune
  5. Custom Printed Layouts for poker and Roulette
  6. Custom Roulette Tables
  7. Multi Player Card Tables
  8. Bespoke Tournament Poker Tables
  9. Personalised Clay Poker Chips
  10. Custom Roulette Wheel Design
  11. Specialist Gaming Equipment and Accessories for single events and the media
  12. Fun Casino Light boxes for Themed Events
  13. Casino Table Covers
  14. Fun Casino Props & Trophies
  15. All Casino Furniture is British Made

All casino gaming equipment is made to order, lead times are four to six weeks.
Please order early to avoid dissapointment. All prices include VAT.

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