Simply Roulette Coffee Table

Brand new to our high quality luxury casino gaming equipment range is a truly unique piece of gaming furniture.

The 'Simply Roulette Table' is a coffee table with built in roulette wheel. This handmade item is completely bespoke and can be made to any customers exacting requirements with a huge choice of colours, multiple veneers and designs to suit every taste. The combinations of colours and veneers is pretty much endless. The edge of the number ring can also be quite varied, photos show solid colour, veneered and leather bound.

Perfect for your home, club, man cave, yacht, hotel lobby, or games room. The glass top keeps the roulette wheel, roulette ball and number ring contained and dirt free.

The 'Simply Roulette Table' is a solid piece of furniture weighing a good 35-40Kgs, so will not slip, slide or fall over.

To play the game just place your chips on the number ring, give the built in handle a good pull to start the roulette wheel spinning and hope your chosen number wins.

Sizes: 65cm dia. x 47.5cm tall.

RRP: £14,000

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Roulette Coffee Table Video

Roulette Coffee Table

Roulette Coffee Table Video

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